'04-'15 Triumph LED Tail Light Kit

'04-'15 Triumph LED Tail Light Kit


Get that skinny Cylon LED tail light for half the money! 

Specially made to fit Wilder FACTORY '04-'15 seats, we use the same high quality, super bright LEDs that come in those expensive motorcycle FEK kits. But, we save you half their cost. Our kit includes the LED array which has a center red brake/running light and amber turn signals on each end. The LEDs are mounted to a special bracket that fits the narrow shape of our seats & mounts directly to the seat. Not to the motorcycle frame. The LED comes off with the seat. (Other LED kit's shapes are too wide for our narrow seat shape.) The LED bracket is a simple bolt on mount. Or, we can install it when we make your custom seat. This kit doesn't include fender elimination parts or a license plate mount so you don't waste money on parts you might not need. Included in the kit is the basic wiring harness with a 6-pin connector that fits the factory Triumph harness. (Resistor pack shown in picture is optional.) Contact us regarding your particular lighting set-up because there's so many variations and we'll help you sort it out. Kit will not fit factory Thruxton seat.

We can also do custom LED curve shapes to fit other seats. Just let us know what you need HERE.

*Not DOT approved. For offroad and show use only.*